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Monday, December 9, 2013

EatFiend @ Stacked

Went out and saw the movie "Gravity" the other day. It was basically Sandra Bullocks "Cast Away", but this ain't no movie review blog, it's a blog about drinking, stinking and food.
With that being said, we stopped at "Stacked" located in the Fashion Valley mall before we saw the movie. I had never been before, so naturally I was excited about a build yer own burger joint.
 Located at the Fashion Valley mall right by the Cheese Cake Factory.
We arrived without a reservation and the place was packed. Asked the hostess how long the wait was and she told me "about 40 minutes, but realistically, maybe 20-25 minutes." We were seated within 20 minutes. While waiting we stood near the bar and had a beer.
This place has something I've never seen before, touchscreen menus that are either Mac-pads or whatever their competitor is. If you want you don't even have to talk to a bartender or even a waiter for that matter. Good for the hearing impaired.

I ordered 2 pints of Stella and the bartender put the flat screen in front of me and said "just follow the directions". I was able to swipe my debit card on the machine and  itgave me the option of tipping between 8-25 percent. Not bad. 
 Huge designer cocktail menu. Couldn't tell you how much liquor is because I didn't order any booze.
 Huge menu. I thought it was nice that they gave you an actual physical menu to hold. 
 But the touch screen menu was just too much fun. They offered their signature house cheeseburger (which you could order an extra patty if you want), but they also offered specialty burgers such as the "Mac N Cheese" burger or even the "jalapeno burger". Stacked also offered a chicken burger and a pulled pork bbq sandwich.
 The menu was alot of fun as we took turns exploring it.
 It was cool that they had a condiment menu you could order from instead of asking yer waiter for an extra side of ranch and waiting. A hungry doesn't wanna wait! I ordered the Mac N Cheese burger with a side of A-1 sauce and "hot ranch" which was ranch and sriracha mixed.
 Ordered an appetizer of teriyaki pork ribs. 
Super meaty, tender and delicious!
Can't eat burgers without french fries.
Ketchup, ranch, hot ranch, ranch.
 I give to you the Mac N Cheese burger! Organic mouthwatering grass fed beef patty with pickles, lettuce, tomato, bacon, shoe string fries and of course macaroni and cheese.

The OldLady and I spent a little over $40 on a couple of beers, two burgers, a side of fries and a peanut butter ice cream dessert ($4, not pictured).

I also wanna note that DonaldGately spent roughly the same amount but had the Mac N Cheese burge with no bun served in a bowl. He ate about half of his entree and then filled up on booze, while I ate the rest of his dinner. The devils lettuce made me do it.



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