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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Larbsgiving 2013

Went and checked the archives for motivation for Larsgiving and read the old Larbsgiving posts from the years prior....
...shit was motivating all right. We fucked shit up!
Enjoy the best day of the year...
Went to pick up our CommandNBeef from the airport and on the way back to LarbHQ we stocked up on plenty of PBR, Fireball, Jameson and of course sticks of beef jerky from the dollar section at CVS.
CommNBeef doing his best impression of WormTits doing the puffer fish face.
Even though it was the nite prior I thought I'd get started on some of the monotonous duties for Larbsgiving like peeling 15 pounds of potato's. 

Biscuit supervised. He's a good helper like that.
While the bros sat and drank and talked fantasy football.
Cooked up some late night quesadillas. Larbsgiving is going to be a blast.
WormTits did some grocery shopping and came up with this gem at Fresh N Easy.
Wish I could tell you how it tasted. I'l have to ask SherrySwallows when I see her.
WormTits prepared some meatballs for his bacon wrap he plans on making.
Twentytwo pound ham covered in sliced pineapple. This thing was amazing. Still working on the leftovers as I write this.
Into the oven at 350 degrees for 6 hours she goes.
Got to work on the first of three bacon wraps.
Mimosa's for everyone! LadyLarb was partying with us too! 
I'll have mine with bacon thank you sir.
Since the space in the oven was limited due to the ham we cooked all of the bacon wraps in the toaster oven at 325 degrees for 20-25 minutes. They came out perfectly.
Add shredded cheese and sliced jalapenos and you got yerself a jalapeno-bacon-wrap.
Now we gotta roll it, put tooth piks through it and throw it back in the toaster oven for another 20 minutes.
Dipped outta the house to pik up BornRetard and headed over to Pacific Drive to pick up Capt.KangLaRue. Saw this hung up in his bosses office. So sick.
Came back to the house to find Fireball shots and deviled eggs waiting for us. 
Let the party begin!
Larbsgiving colored Jello-O shots with roughly a gallon of vodka in them.
That's how we do it!
Pulled the bacon wrap out a little  bit crispy, but that has never stopped me from eating bacon before.
Don't know why I took this shot. I know I was pretty friggin' hyped for the Denver Broncos/ New England Patritos Sunday night match up.
Jalapeno-bacon wrap came out perfectly.
The best!
WormTits bacon wrap. This is what it looks like after the first time you bake it. WormTits loaded his up with ricotta cheese, marinara sauce and meatballs. This wa the fucking shit. Bacon wrapped mouth watering Italian goodness.
With all the hungry mouths to feed I figured I may as well make a second bacon-jalapeno wrap.
Its c\hard to see but that's Craigosaur lurking in the window.
Then we all enjoyed one more of many rounds of jello shots. 
These fuckers were strong.
Stinky looked on in immense jealousy since he had to work that night. No booze for him.
Meatball-bacon wrap!
(Insert Homer drooling audio clip here)
Guinness bombs courtesy of PoopyPat.
This fucking thing was amazing. Maybe one day I'll make myself one, wrap it in a giant tortilla and eat it like a burrito.
Quickly devoured.
Second jalapeno-bacon wrap almost ready....
More jello shots! We made like 50 of these fuckers!
At this point the Broncos vs. Patriots game was well under way. I wasn't really paying any attention to the game because I was so busy hosting, drinking, serving and eating. By the time I looked up, it was half time and the Patriots were down 24-0.
Some ham and beer will cure that!
SherrySwallows enjoying a jello shot.
DonaldGately eyeing the next drink.
After all, he is the liquor.
I present to you a twentytwo pound ham!
Fifteen pounds of mashed potatoes on the right and green bean casserole on the left!
Pineapple slices dried out thus serving their purpose of holding in the moisture inside the ham.
Sliced goodness so good it'll make ya slap yo mama!
Everyone was hyped. Good time were had. BeerbonginBrockman looks like a hyena feeding off a carcass he scavenged in the desert. 
Holy fuck!
Words could describe, but ya kinda had to be there.
The thing I love about BeerBonginBrockman is once he has a little satanic-syrup in him he is down for anything. 
"Wanna do a beer bong, James?"
"Wanna eat a pickled egg that's been sitting in my garage for over a year? I'll eat one with ya."
"Wanna have a shot of ham juice and Jameson mixed together?"

Jameson-ham juice shots were a big hit. Another Larbsgiving tradition was born.
We had the party going in the man cave as well. Hooked up the t.v. with cble and got that shit going proper!
Remember the pickled eggs I mentioned?
BeerBonginBrockman and I went for it.
Tasted really fucking dry. Not the worst thing I've eaten.
I mean it's not like it's a sandwich on the ground, right?
Coulda' used some hot sauce though.
Zeus! So hyped he made it. I only see him at bars or at his house.
A seemingly mythical creature that is rarely seen, but often heard of...
Back in the man cave trouble was a brewing.
Then the Makers Mark started making the rounds. At this point I overheard Brockman's girl talking to my girl saying that she was gonna boogie, presumably because even though I enjoy a good shit show, I don't want a black out combination of Brockman/Beagle under my roof.
Don't get me wrong, I'm all for anarchy....
...but mainly down for just good times.
Brockman saying his goodbyes.
At this point shit had hit the fan for BornRetard. He just came back from New Hampshire with a brand new skate deck that he silk screened himself back when he worked at Tum Yeto.... nine fucking years ago. So this deck of his sat in storage for nine years and he was stoked to skate it. Brand new, not even a scratch on it. I guess some asshole drank too much whiskey and focused his board in the man cave.

Man, you would have thought someone died.
Here is Neil poking his bad tooth because he wouldn't stop crying about it, while SherrySwallows looks on in horror.
Thanks BornRetard for smashing bottles in my back yard. The moment Gayboy leaves for Austin, yer the new Gayboy.
WormTits don't give a shit.
While BornRetard was fuming about the great loss he suffered...
...sillyness ensued. After all, it is a party right? No sense in crying over spilt milk.
Also no one really gave a shit about a broken skateboard.
Everyone took there turn getting weird.
Only a few deviled eggs left, WormTits!
Couldn't handle it.
The only thing that can calm BornRetard down is a little bit of Biscuit love.
Seriously, it was like giving Lenny a mouse.
Biscuit wanted nothing to do with BornRetard. 
Looks like he had a great Larbsgiving!
I know I did! Long after the game had ended, I realized that the Patriots won in overtime 34-31, against Peyton Manning. A legendary game for sure. A regular season match up like that will most likely never happen again. However, I hope it does.
A happy Larbsgiving to all!
Thanks to everyone that came.
I love you all.



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