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Monday, December 2, 2013

Mandatory Bloggery Gobble Gobble Style

Welcome back fellow EatFiends! We've got another tasty M.B. for ya'll. Enjoy it, take it all in... Larbsgiving 2013 post is next!
 Huge fan of the 18. Great ad campaign forever and always. Julien is the shit.
 Just a reminder, Cat-Fu Jimmy Carlin part up on the YouTube channel. The picture quality is a bit bo-bo, but be patient. Gonna try to get the part put up on the Enjoi site or Berrics site.
 Paprika, chicken breast, beans and onion.
 He's a good kitty model. Cute ass lil' cross eyed fucker.
 Screen grab from Brockman's "Strange World" part. This is so gnarly.
Sweet curb at my local Fresh N Easy parking lot. Where you at Capt.Sahi? I got spots son! 
Cooking up some steak! Taco nite style!
Jealous much? 

Got the taco necessities ready to go!

Dumped plenty of taco seasoning on this bitch. Then I got drunk and forgot to take a picture of the finished product. I do recall that Capt.Stinky ate his fill of tacos. Then he ate DonaldGatelys tacos as well. What a fatty! Then again, this is a blog that praises the Hungry Man!
 Night moves.
 Whales vagina.
Swung by Village Pizzeria in Coronado the other day. The pizza looked really good (and it was), but the pepperoni wasn't nearly as salty as I remembered it.... oh well. They still have a good happy hour.
 Capt.KangLaRue was a nice enough chap to hook me up with a "Cold War" ticket. Only got one, so the wifey wasn't allowed to come with. But she was nice enough to give me a ride up to La Paloma theatre in Encinitas. She wanted to beat traffic (the 5N was horrendous), so I ended up getting there 3 hours early....
 No problem! I'll grab a couple of tall boys and lurk around the town while I wait for the bubs (or anyone else I knew) to arrive. Doh! This ended up being the last picture I took because my phone ran out of battery and I failed horribly to bring you guys a "Cold War" post. Man there were a lot of pro skaters too! I live for this shit...

So basically I drank two tall boys at the top of the bank Arron Harrisson ollied into, in the first Zero video "Thrill Of It All" as seen here:
So I basically drank beer at the top of this iconic skate spot. Its all blocked up by a fence now but you can still see how steep that fucking thing is. I'm surprised no one has ollied into the right side of it. It's a bit steeper and shorter. 

Oh yea, Cold War. Back to that.
After I finished my tall boys I ventured over to the bar that was next door to the theatre. I basically sat there at the bar and eavesdropped on every pro that was around me. I was sitting closest to John Rattray and Alex Moule. While it was cool to listen in on those dudes, the more beer they drank the less I could understand them. Later I wen to to take a piss and saw Tommy Sandoval wash his hands before leaving the bathroom. I admired the fact that he washed his hands in my drunken state.

Came out to my bar stool to find Slash (not the GnR one) standing there ordering a drink. We chatted it up, told him I was a big fan of his skating. Dude is gnarly. So eventually Shockus showed up, finally someone I knew, then Brockman showed up. We all had tequila shots and went our separate ways. I went to the 7-11 to purchase a few tall boy to sneak into show time, which proved to be the right move.
I hung out with CaptKangLaRue for the night. The video was awesome. I saw Nuge and JustinRoy. It was great seeing those dudes. I gotta get up to L.A. soon...
Thanks Tyrone for getting me home. Hope I wasn't too annoying drunkenly babbling all the way home.
 The next morning, egg and cheese goodness!
 Hung way over.

Rusty and lil' Rusty, Dexter! Cute kid. 
Remnants of the bbq that night. 
 Screen grab from the Thrasher site of BeerBonginBrockman doing a front nose down the Muirlands 14 rail. So gnarly.
 The liquor store by my house makes the raddest food illustrations.

 Definitely been eating a lot of these lately.
 Bombing parking garages with ItWasTheLight.
Always a good time with this dude.
 Presidents Club Bitch!
 That time I met Tony Gwynn.
 More of this...

 DonaldGately is a modern day pirate. In the sense that he likes to get drunk a lot.
 Cold War premiere at the skatepark on a kids IPhone!
Anything to make the time pass I suppose.
 Neil has been Bbqing on the street lately. The harsh economy hasn't been so kind to some. So when the homey told me he was grilling up tri-tip sandwiches with cole slaw for $5, you know I had to support him.
 Home made grill he made himself. Welded it and everything.
Delicious! Next time, I'm eating two. 
DonaldGately and WormTits enjoyed it as well. 
 We were the first ones there, the first to pay, the first to eat and the first to leave. By the time we left, there was a line of at least a dozen people. By the time I got home, eil texted me he had sold out! Good job buddy!
 Not too often you find 16 ouncers of PBR.
 Sandwich list.
 Here's a few pictures of LordBlah enjoying his sandwich.
Watching LordBlah eat (or do anything for that matter) is so entertaining to me. 
 He truely is the perfect "Eaing Model". I could see him being the "The Big Boy" burger child for halloween. That would be epic,
 Like watching a walrus feed on a baby penguin on the Discovery channel.
 Inner Larb is satisfied.
 This handsome mutha fucka right here! At this point the Patriots are killing it!
 Stevan Ridley has been fumbling a lot this year (3) but the Patriots keep handing him the rock.

 Gearang up for Larbsgiving! Bought this ham a few months ago for $20. By the time Thanksgiving came around, half hams were running about $25 each. What a joke.
 My dream birthday cake.
Biscuit has a thing for bras. Thats why we call him the Mayor of Titty City.  
 Rainy days at the skatepark.
 Stinky being stinky. Ordering a sandwich in his drunken sleep.
 Best blt I ever had from Carnitas snack shack. Not only does it have ham on it, but its on fucking Texas toast. Which is the best  kind of toast.
 So greedy!
 You know I loved it.

 Sad days for me and fantasy football. My team is currently 2-11. Which is ridiculous considering I won the Super Bowl last year. I took the Brent Clark trophy out for a drive. It gave me a hand job. We shared a good cry together. So sad.
 Who's got a wallride?
 Costco pizza.
 Larbsgiving post is coming! Are you ready?

Biscuit is ready!



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