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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

EatFiend @ Red Fox Steakhouse and Piano Bar

The Red Fox Room is located by the Livewire. One of my favorite San Diego bars...
Located in the heart of North Park at 2223 El Cajon boulevard
 The place was filled with old leather seats and dark wood furnishings and trimmings all over the place.
There was even a  guy playing on the piano. We sat kinda far away, just enough to enjoy the music. 
 They have a full bar and cool looking cocktail napkins!
 On to the food. I got the teriyaki pineapple chicken with a cut of prime angus.
 Also filet mingon was devoured with a baked potato on the side.
 PrivateWormTits suckin them down.
Rib eye with steak cut fries and fried shrimp.
This place was the shit. Not crowded or filled with hipsters. 
A real classy place to take the old lady to if you ask me.



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