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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mandatory Blogger: Fast Times at EatFiend High

Life moves pretty fast, sometimes too fast.
I feel the need to be constantly taking pics of food, booze, shredding, retardation, quiet moments, hilarious moments...
You get the picture. Enjoy it. Or if yer memory gets hazey. Just check back here at EatFiend to jog that old memory of yers!
 Mexican inspired Creature board. I found it hilarious.
 Nerd joke foe CommanderNBeef.
 This is one of my last days riding the loser cruiser.
Guy staring at the ground. He looked so bummed.
 Bloody toe. Hard to see. Trolley stop.
 "They see me rollin', the hatin'...."
 This dude was sick as fuck. Steel toe boots, leather jacket and native American jewelry. So bad ass. 
 Gang of Kramers.
 Enter the "Blue Raja"! Yes I love Mystery Men and Hank Azaria.
 Watermelon time.
 Bbq or die.
 Cheers big ears!
 Soooooooooooo good!
 Donald Gately after swiggin a shot down. "Ugh!"
 El Michaelangelo es muy guapo Roberto....
He's got fuckin black hair..... and 'stache.
 LordBlah don't give a fuck.
 He's mackin' in the kitchen.
 Halloween, 2005 maybe. Capt.KangaRue and I.
He drank a flask of Jim Beam and ate too much chocolate. The he started barfing, and I felt the need to catch that barf. Good times bub!
 Rancho Penasquitos park. One of my favorites!
 How I feel atleast once a week.
 Mexican candy.
 Yea Buddy!
 Oceanside Melba Bishop skatepark. This place rules.... if yer willing to sit in 5 freeway traffic for it.
 Sector 9 bowl party. Blurry Scooter shredding.
 Thing was fun but Im too fat to reach the coping.
 Skate art. Butterface is not impressed.
 This is Dowdy, he runs Typical Culture. The sickest 'zine ran outta San Diego! Peep the website ya blowhards.
 Free cheeseburgers!
 Chocolate anus' for those of you that like to eat butthole...
 Speaking of butthole, its lunch time!
 Kids at the park are wrapping Rice Krispy treat bars in Fruit by the Foots. Creating a sugar buzz of epic proportions! Especially when they wash it down with Mountain Dew.
 Carmel Valley park. That bowl is gnarly.
 In N Out. Thats my shit right there.
 Issac got a job at Route 44 and Im happy for him.

 Poker nite.
 I lost, needless to say.

 Skeleton to my ramp. Nobody wants to skate it with me. Waaaaaaaaah!
 Bbq or fuckin die!
 I love this place.
 Fuckin mouth watering.
Monkey paw.



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