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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Shred Shots: Memorial Skatepark with CaptainButterface

Still learning the in's-n-out's with my new Droid. 
So much wasier to capture all the rad skating I get to see. Don;t know why it took me this long to upgrade. Oh well, the flip phone was a perfect learning tool.

Memo has pretty much been a second home these days. I find it more challenging but I can also cruize and not do as much pushing (cuz Im getting older and fatter).
 Anyway, captured a few shots of Captain Butterface shredding one of the many ledges at Memorial skatepark. This one gets alot of use, especially when the Sk8Mafia team is around.
halfcab noseslide
 I was still trying to find a decent angle.
 Yep, I like this one.
 "Butterface is so buttery!" -LaRue
 On to a back smith grind.
Attempt uno
 Attempt dos
 Almost there....
 Boom! Fully dipped, arms not too high. Pay me bitch, and get this fool a board sponsor!
Just kidding.
A much deserved gulp of water.
Always a pleasure skating with ya bub.



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