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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mandatory Bloggery- Halloween and RFTC

Here we are back again with a quick installment of Mandatory Bloggery...
 O'Cruddle likes to party! Write down in the comment section below where his name came from and I'll buy ya a beer.
 Left overs.
 Skate videos.
 From worst to first! Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox and their World Series win.
 My main man Tom Brady shitting his pants on South Park. Hilarious!
 Coronado ferry landing. These long curbs are where I learned frontside tail slides on.
Good times reminiscing on my youth.
 Halloween nite. Getting a few rounds in us at the Field before we go see Rocket From The Crypt.
 DonaldGatelys brother (far right) dressed up as Walter from "The Big Lebowski". He fucking nailed it!
 Guinness gives you strength!
 Saw this rugby poster in the bathroom and thought this player looked alot like BeerBonginBrockman.
 At the RFTC show at House of Blues. Had a big fucking pillar on my left side.... gotta get a better pic.
 Here's a picture of the band on a flat screen t.v. Not a bad view.
 Much better. For anyones info out there, tall cans of PRB cost $9. 
Holy shit...
 Shot from the balcony up above. Rocket came out in "dead space men" costumes. Pretty good time for my first time ever seeing them.
Eat yer heart out CommNBeef!
 Double view of the monitor and the band. I was drunk at this point.
 WormTits offered to buy me a drink. I told him I'll have whatever he is having. Turns out double Jack and Cokes cost $14.
Holy fuck...
 Afterwards we retreated to the Stout across the street for more drinks.
 Came home wasted and decided bacon was a great 2 a.m. snack.
The real question is when isn't bacon good at 2a.m.?
 Never noticed this in Anchor Man.
 Yet another vid up on the EatFiend YouTube channel.
 Got a lil' shiner from the RFTC mosh pit. Good times!
 DMV session with ItWasTheLight.
 Getting weird...
 Beer with the wife at URBN.
 Late night party time.
 Random book at BornRetards house.
 Going over here was a real weird experience. BornRetard sat in one corner while his girlfriend sat in an opposite corner and they blasted different songs from their IPods/cell phones at full volume.
Imagine being their neighbor and hearing shitty hardcore music and some retards dumb girlfriend singing R.E.M. lyrics at 3 in the morning. 

Fucking insanity.
 Big things going down at BornRetard's pad.
 Atta' boy Tom. Fuck the Shittsburgh Steelers.
Sweet blister!
Coming soon, a video from my fellow poop buddy Pat.



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