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Monday, November 4, 2013

Shred Shots: October (Heman, LaRue, DuffMan, Buttterface, Capt.Sahi, Gilley & ItWasTheLight)

Welcome everyone to another edition of S.S.
Skateboarding really brings out the best/worst in oneself. I'm not saying I witnessed any "battles" or personal melt downs. It's just great to roll in the dirt with yer bubs and laugh at eachother in between makes and drinks....

Something so beautiful and precious to me has given me the opportunity to make some of the best friends one could have and for that I am thankful. 

Plus the skating if fucking awesome!
And I gotta keep the beer belly at bay, after all, it is football season.
 Slappy crooks from yours truly. This curb is right by the skatepark. Taking 15 minute "bathroom breaks" have never been so fun! As seen on Instagram. Photo courtesy of DHodge.
 Post Typical Culture wallride/mash party out front of Route 44 on El Cajon blvd.
After watching for a few minutes we decided to retreat to the sewer cap/parking block across the street. The possibilities are limitless on something so friggin' fun!
ItWasTheLight-back smith stall

 TumYeto ramp session with Corey Duffel. Met this bub when he was a skinny little kid over ten years ago. Now his burly ass looks like a storkgiant on a skateboard. Then again, I probably look like a skating sack of potatoes.
Crappy exposed smith grind.
 Then I decided to switch over to the "action shot" option on my cell phone. I quickly learned that it has to be a fluid left to right motion, or else it will look crappy. (lower left)
 Much better.
 This front smith really reminded me of how people took photos of bowl skating in the 80's.
So psyched. LaRue has got that shit on lock!
 DuffMan- front slasher
 backside grinds
 DuffMan- backside smithgrind
 Later on Corey disappeared into the warehouse, to which we took the opportunity to skate the flatbar on the flat bottom of the ramp. A major no-no in some secular worlds of Heshery.
 You can bet the farm these guys were down for some flat bar action!
 Butterface being buttery- 180 switch crooks
 LaRue with the same trick but backside into front crooks.
 Despite the fact it was a bit blurry, I couldn't be happier. Taking a good pic is alot like landing the trick yerself. Keeps me hyped! So buttery, Buttterface.
 Yours truly again, because I don't skate anywhere else. Kidding!
Frontside 5-0 grind
 You know Capt.Sahi has gotta get in on this action, and even though I haven't skated with him at the DMV in the City, I screen grabbed this shit anyway.
Backside lipslide
 I even shoot photos of people I barely know. Ben Gilley is one of all time favorites.
Skates rails to metal music and eats burgers? Yes please!
Big ass 50-50
 Buttterface handling duties at the local downtown hot spot. Cant wait to see this angle stolen by some photographer shooting a 360 flip of Josh Kalis..... All I'm sayin' is all I'm sayin'...

 Bail, ItWasTheLight handling the filming duties on his GoPro head cam. 
 Make! So good.
 Back at Coronado skatepark. Backsmith stall on Halloween. I wanted the shot to show off the Crimson  Ghost logo on the back of my leather jacket.
The angle was quickly abandoned since the person that was shooting was 15 years old and I don't wanna try it forever.
 Next try the board slips from my feet and I slam right on my ass onto the coping. Psyched!
Sweet angle though.
 A few tries later I got the one I wanted. As seen on Instagram. 
Selfie!- backside smith-stall
 Over at the DMV with ItWasTheLight. I was having a hard time figuring out a good angle for this spot..... since its a curb and not some fucking stair case or rail.
 But I though it looked cool with the clouds and bright colors in the sky and the subject wearing all black.
 Thumbs up! Notice the GrPro strapped to his head. A filmer always films.
 On my stomache in the gutter of a Hillcrest DMV, I found the angle that got me hyped.
 Almost there.
 The clouds were so sick.
As seen on Instagram. Boardslide fakie revert.
I wish I had the knowledge to photo shop space in the background. It'd be sick to make look like he was boardsliding Saturn's ring or some shit. 

Anyway. That's it.



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