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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Cooking A Pot Roast

Welcome back everybody!
I had a hankering to handle a strictly food post. Gotta satisfy that meat-tooth.
 Got some new EF t-shirts made from the bub Calros, over at Squeegee Prints.
So psyched! I'm selling these bad boys for a mere $10 and all of the proceeds go towards the bubs GoFundMe account. He hit his skating and needs some help. Get better Christian.
 New whip. Pretty darn stoked.
Enjoy this track while you read. It fucking rips!
 Noticed pot roast was on sale while I was at the grocery store. Can't go wrong when you can feed an army for $11!
 Pepper that bitch up! Rub it good!
Pan searing it in my cast iron skillet. 
 It was smelling so damn good at this point.
 Preparing to dive Captain!
 Commencing beef broth!
 Drowning it.
 While the pot roast was sitting in the oven, I got to chopping up veggies.
 Vitamin E.
 Ermagawhd! Merrsh'dP'Dadeeerrrs!
 Love me some potatoes.
 The roast came out on point! Look at that broth!
 It literally tore apart with a fork. So soft and tender.
 A meal fit for a King!



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