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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- DonaldGatelys Shitty Birthday

 Another mellow session at PQ park.
 Grilled chicken breast sandwich with bacon. 
 Stopped by my parents house and my mom just walks in the room with a sandwich for me. Best mom ever!
 Tweaked ankle while skating at PQ park. Ya win some, ya lose some.
Peppered rib-eye steaks.
Hot off the grill. Bbq or die.
A stray kitten has been infiltrating the back yard. Seems pretty nice.
Igby was not psyched. You could tell by his body language that he was intimidating the alley cat.
He was in the backyard 'til the next morning.
Berkley Pizza was on the menu!
And a big ass handle of Jameson.
This pizza seriously friggin' kills it!
Donald couldn't have been more delighted.
WormTits handled the cake duties and made him a Jameson cake!
The next morning, the Patriots were annihilating the shit outta the Bills. 
Apparently I Hulkamania'd my shirt off in my drunken state.
Lurkvilles finest.
This fan was hilarious.
Mellow Sunday night. Coors hand grenades are crispy and delicious!



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