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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- Wax Idols, FAE Sesh and Crazee Burger

Take a seat and enjoy some recent happenings.
Chug a sandwich and eat a beer.
 Checked out the Wax Idols over at the Hideout.
 They put on a good show. Definitely not Cannibal Corpse.
Fuggit, I'm a sucker for shows.
 FAE session with Jeff.
 Waxing up more curbs at the spot.
 Board dark slide. Trying to get fancy with it.
 This spot keeps getting power washed and we keep waxing it!
 Then I tried to get artsy-fartsy.
 I actually kinda like this pic.
 Backside grind.
 You can see the dip in the curb where all the heavy grinding is getting done.
So psyched on this,
 Hype for some Crazee Burger!
 Aloha burger with bacon and some sweet potato fries! Top it off with a schooner of Arrogant Bastard IPA and it does a body fuggin' good!
 Stinky stuffing his suck hole.
Nom nom nom nom nom.....

'Til next blog...


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