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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- Eleven Hour Slow Smoked Bbq Pork Shoulder BBQ Madness

I had a big ass pork shoulder sitting in the 'fridge just talking to me every time I opened the door....
Time to handle business.

This blog is dedicated to the magical pig. Enjoy the tune! 
In the non-bbq related department...
Prize package I mailed out to the #EatFiendWetAndWild contest wiener...
Complete with a customized envelope of my shitty scribbles.
Backyard BBQ time with my lil' helper.
Cute as a button.
Old Shadynasty is still cookin' pretty good!
Hollowed out coal log.
Under $12. I love it when I find big chunks of meat for half off.
Salt and peppered that bad boy and soaked some wood chips.
 Incase you were wondering... 
It's good to know yer meat (ahem), if ya know what I mean... (cough)
Coals on the left. Boston butt on the right. Soaked wood chips wrapped in foil underneath said butt.
Time to shut the lid.
While we wait, I show you some sexy pictures of Biscuit.
Just after two hours. It's looking amazing.
Stirred the coals, added more coals and changed out the wood chips. Temperatures were peaking around 325 degrees, but then shortly after would drop to about 250 degrees. 
Time to shut the lid again!

Yer gonna love the second half to this vid! It starts at 4:13.
While we wait, enjoy this gem I found on YouTube. Nof ucking clue what the fuck they are singing about, but the intro is "Church Of Fudge". If you don't know what that is........... I don't suggest you google it.
8 hours later I lifted the lid and there she was!
Fucking beautiful!
Flipped it over directly over the coals and let it smoke for another hour.
I love this picture
Angle one.
Angle two.
In the spirit of the porky madness, I cooked these onions in bacon grease.
Shredded apart like butter. 
Time to feast!

Five years in the making...
Time for a sexy photo shoot.
Then it was onto sandwich making time.
Can't go wrong with jalapeno cheese and a dab of Bbq sauce.
Add onions...
And stuff yer face!
I had more than one sandwich. I'm a fatty.
Dreams fuckin' come true!

I'll just leave ya'll with this.


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