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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- Wild Animal Park Adventure

 Welcome back to another EatFiend Zoo adventure!
This time around the wife and I hit up the Wild Animal Park with ItWasTheLight!
 When one goes to the zoo, one must prepare himself with bacon.
 First things first! BEER! Even though they are $11 dollar beers, atleast they are 32 ounces.
 We went straight to the Cheetah area. A mama recently had 6 babies! We showed up just in time for feeding time!
 Mom with the ever watchful eye, while her babies were feeding.

 More beer was in order.
 Plenty of places to lounge.
 This was the best shot of a tiger I could get. I wanted to lay down and sleep with it.
 Vulture time.
 In this shot it was ripping apart a bunny carcass.
It was pretty metal.
Where all the bad Easter Bunny's go...
 Round three!
 It was a fun fucking time!
 Then it was home to these two.


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