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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- 4th of July Madness 2016

Another 4th of July has come and gone....
Breakfast platter to keep my strength up.
Let us have some beef tacos shall we? Need to get a good strong base before the beer consumption starts...
The cream will rise to the top...
Stocked up at my house!
NastyNeil already had a cold keg on ice!
Camp Nasty was geared and ready for some madness!
Hange Eighteen sticker on the back of a stop sign right by my house. Can't believe I never saw this before.
HamBone picked up a huge piece of flesh. Fresh from the butcher.
He was in party mode with his Hawaiian shirt.
Rubbed the heck outta this meat.
Death by grease platter.
Speaking of grease. Bacon is mandatory.
Got to work on some deviled eggs.
Work station.
Time to chop it up.
All hail.
Glorious gluttony on its way.
On to the thermal smoker she goes!
Biscuit was enjoying his backyard time. Even managed to slay this tiny little lizard.
Over at CampNasty, NastyNeil was holding down his grilling duties as well!
So handsome.
Double beer bong station was a go!
I have never beaten this man at chugging a beer before. Something about tall people makes them chug beer so much faster.
A ham was in the thermal cooker as well.
Cooked flesh for the masses. Time to feed.
Then the trouble showed up...
Camp Nasty already broke into some pork ribs.
I'll admit, I burnt my ham 'cus I was a bit tipsy.
Time for another beer bong!
"Fuck your photo!"
Party animals.
Party Larue!

The next day I nursed my hangover at Hodad's burger joint.
Love that place.


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