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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- Skateparks and Cats Everywhere

It's been a hell of a ride lately.
Prepare for mass consumption and shredding...
 Sometimes all a man needs is a ham sandwich......
 Craigs list sighting.
"How To Fuck Taco Bell"- EF style!
 Step 1- Melt cheese onto tortillas.
 Step2- Crush Doritos chips onto quesadilla like a greedy fuck.
Step 3- Burn yer butt and scream "Fuck you Taco Bell!"
  Sunset cheers in Torrey Pines with LadyLarb.
 Get pushed off a cliff by George Jetson.
 The King!
 "Hello!" Grass cat.
 This little guy reminded me of the turtle from The Never Ending Story.
 Night session at Kimball skatepark.
 Seems like all I ever do is skate parks these days.
I like to be social I guess.
 Warm down flat ground session with Butterface.
 Quim Cardona. Awesome style.
 Access denied.
 Biscuit wants some. He is pretty much impersonating me when I eat in the bed like a fatty...
 Kitty sightings everywhere!
 If he fits, he sits. 
 Box Biscuit.
 He approves.
 Prince park with Skate Club. I love this park.
 Interesting locals.
 Minimizing sun exposure I guess.
 No bun no problem.
 Burger squad!
 No hungry teen can resist In-N-Out!!!
 The lil' homey Richy. Known this young buck since he was in diapers. 
Stoked to have him aboard.
 MLK park is pretty fun.
 Back in the van.
 On to Bishop. I like this park more.
 Tiny Young Gangstas!
 Every time I skate this ditch it always results in blood for me.
Bleed in, bleed out.
 Ditch ripper Stewart. Best bub ever.
 Exploring the other end...
I'm luckier than hell to be able to shred with such a rad crew. Skateboarding is the best thing in the world.
Thank you skateboarding.


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