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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- Petco Park Lurking and Ribs

Then again, every day is a random day...
Special Needs Nans. 'Nuff said.
Eat the meat.
KingBaby and a meat pile.
My babe is sauced. Judas Priest forever.

Turbo Lover
Butterface with the camp vibes. Solar panels, blanket and shade. 
What else does a man need?
Wizard Retreat 2016 blog coming soon.
Ye olde Bronx. Been coming here forever.
Going to a Padre game is alot like going through airport security these days. 
Slow and very inefficient.
It's got a nice view though.
Splurging on $11 beers. Atleast I don't feel bad for sneaking a flask inside. This place will bleed ya dry.
Don't even really remember who they were playing.
Pizza drop in. Drunk drop in.
We wandered off a bit early. As is tradition.
Straight to the Chee Chee.
Pool time.
After we left the bar a hot shot rookie cop started shining his lights on us.
Then he got out of his squad car and started to approach us in an aggressive manner. Naturally I started taking photots. Then he gets back into his car and drives off.
Must have been two other guys he was after.
We were just minding our own business.
Drunk lives matter.
Ledge I broke my finger on.
Drunk noodle surprise.
I mowed it down. Not sure why I needed a bread knife.
Burn baby burn.
Rubbing my meat.

Skating gets me hyped!
Mandatory BBQ.
Love me that summer time cookin'!
I was in heaven.
Act accordingly.


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