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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Mandatory Bloggery- Halloween Fun, RFTC @ The Observatory and Wood Working w/ COLORS!

Where did I leave off?.....
Oh yea, Mariachi El Bronx opening for Rocket From The Crypt!
I'll try and keep these pics brief, 'cuz I know I tend to drag it out...
I can't stress how much I like this band!
San Diego legends.
The bub Robbie, happier than a pig in a mud pit.
Must get closer!
Mario Rupacalbra, LEGEND!
O.G. Alva Skates rider.
Decaying pumpkin update.
Busy as a bee! Buzz, buzz, buzzzzz....
The colors man, the colors....
For your listening pleasure!
All clamped up and ready to go!
Brought to you by Gorilla Glue!
Decaying pumpkin update.
This depicts how I feel.


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