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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- I Found A Gun

Welcome back to EatFiend everyone!
Your complete reliable source for all things greasy and stinky!
Let's get down to business.
Went out the other morning in my underwear to bring in the trash cans from the alley.
Ended up finding a hand gun stashed behind my cans.
North Park keeps it sketchy!
Didn't want a kid to find it, so I wrapped it up in a towel and brought it inside.
Thankfully it wasn't loaded.
After about 30 minutes on the non-emergency police number, I ended up just going to the mid-city department since it's about a mile away. Turns out that place is completely empty. I had to drive all the way to downtown and I turned the gun in at the front desk there.
Done with it. Now I just gotta wait a few months to see if I can reclaim it!
Recycling time.
Skate Club rules. Ever so thankful to have a job that lets me shred.
About an hour into the session. Big boy problems kicked in.
At least I got good and sweaty.
Chili whip!
Drone zone.
Shipyard Pumpkinhead is legit!
Been on a Coors kick as of late. Not sure why. It's got a good fresh, crisp taste that I like.
Late night at the Livewire.
Cheers mates! Matt's last few days here in the states. We decided to get tore up!
Walked all the way back to my house. 
We made it!
Passed the fuck out.
The next morning. Bacon is the best cure for hangovers.
On top of a greasy cheeseburger of course!
Burgers for the bubs.
Hungover Tim at Starbucks. Full troll status.
Then it was back to the house to be passed the fuck out.
Beck was feeling rough.
NastyNeil stopped by for a quick morning burger too!
Spot behind the Vons off Washington street.
New whip! 9" Willis Kimbel pro model part of the "CreaturMania" series. This is the deceased Big Boss Man model. I wanted to keep it for my collection but the shape was too good to not shred!
Business as usual.
Except this time it's grilled chicken breast and Coors!
Who am I?
Low and slow!
Then I chopped up a bunch of it and made a big ass chicken salad.
Gonna do this the next time I have leftover pizza.
Rolling black outs have been happening in San Diego lately due to the heat wave. NastyNeil came over for a brew and chill while we waited in the wee hours of the a.m.
Flooded street in Coronado due to one day of heavy ass rain fall. Wish this would happen more often.



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