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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- Crappy Lemon Grove Park & The Return Of Nacho/French Fry Mountain

Shred-tacular times lay ahead. 
Even if it's bad, sometimes you gotta head out and find out for yourself.
Then go home and cook something massive.

Found a killer slab of a skatepark out in Lemon Grove.
Grinds for miles.
Sweet bench setup.
Puny ledge set up.
This also includes electronic cigarettes.
Nacho cheese skate night bbq time!
Bacon breakfast burrito has been ruling my mornings lately.
These two.
Biscuit does not like being molested by Hans.
Gotta love it pork shoulders are on sale!
Well seasoned.
Oprah came out to play today! Since she is good at smoking a large hunk of meat in optimal time, we decided to bust her out!
Glorious meat.
And some chicken breasts.
3 hours later.
The skin was to die for.
KingBaby was hyped.
Foul beast.
Nice and tender.
Choose your poison.
The more you eat, the more you toot.
We were re-enacting the great "Nacho Mountain" of 2012. Anyone remember that one?
Gonna have to scroll through the archives for evidence... 
Time to drizzle nacho cheese all over!
Minutes later, it was reduced to a pile of meat.
Frie time.
Covered in meat and cheese.
Add guacamole and crema.
Can't forget about the jalapenos too!
We had out done our selves this time!
Gotta love the nacho cheese.
Then it was creepy Billy-the-clown hour.
Kinda looks natural.
They touched noses.... It was weird to say at the least.
Think things couldn't have gotten any creepier? 
Guess again!
Farting in bath tubs happy.
KingBaby armed with his baby bottle of jungle juice..... ready to take on the world.
One final look.


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