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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- T.C. 'Zine Party Issue #10

This blog went down a month ago, but I needed to post it.
So much good times.
A compilation of microwave meals I ate. It was alright.
Walking down the sidewalk and randomly came across this handle of Captain Morgan rum and a fresh new back-pak. I touched neither, especially since I hate Captain Morgan.
Spiced rum is gross.
Fire sunset taken from atop of the Coronado bridge.
Trying to up my tee hustling game. Get at me if you want one. @eatfiend on Instagram or e-mail me Sizes are limited.
Not only was it good, but it was also free!
Sleepy little man. He and the wife are toe-touchers.
Double trouble.
Pretty psyched for this!
Troll sighting.
Spot scouted this little curb jammer!
After sipping a few suds we made our way to Culture Brewing house.
Unbelievable mosaic art done by Scott Rockland.
I love the Lemmy personally.
Cheers bubs!
All kinds of beautiful colorful art on the walls.
NastyNeil with quite the statement on the back of his shirt.
Just live!
Mr. Dowdy and the Big John. Good people these two!
Two issues deep with Typical Culture! Psyched!
The brother from another mother Cody with a chest high melon grab at Tick Ditch.
As seen in Shit Show part 30.
All smiles this guy!
Andy Mack wouldn't sit still long enough for me to get a good picture of him.
Shit Show Part 30!
There was free pizza, sadly we ate none. Oaks was as bummed as I was.
The mastermind behind T.C., Dowdy and a sippy-poo!
Josh Stafford. This dude really knows how to rip on a sled.

The place was packed!

EatFiend was lucky enough to air the newest Shit Show Part 30! Two premieres in a row on their big silver screen!
Later, we went to the FAE for a cold beer and then it was homeward bound.
The next day I ate a salad. I needed the fiber.


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