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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- Drinkin' and Stinkin' & Chile vs. Mexico Experience

Get out and experience all the fun that you can.
As they say, not here for a long time only a good time.
BornRetard at the FAE.
ItWasTheLight shredding. Fully locked in.
Still riding that darkslide stick.
Wonder if these are the final days of FAE.
Back home for some bbq action.
Chicken breast and carne asada.
The bbq gods demanded hot dogs.
And more beer.
Meat platter.
Taco time.
Then it was off for a walk.
Night man.
El Bar is looking rather patriotic these days.
Biscuit loves his tree time.
Melts my heart.
Left overs. I've been spending waaaaaaaay too much money at Filiberto's lately.
Alley suds.
Caffeine pick up.
Went for a walk down Texas street into Mission Valley.
Traffic everywhere because of the Chile vs. Mexico soccer match.
I had a long talk with this dude. He didn't appreciate me taking his photo.
Trolley was packed with fans.
Qualcomm was in full swing.
It's fun to tailgate around here. People watch, drink some beers.
Notice the dirt area down below. Apparently that's where our section of seats were supposed to be.
We posted up until the ticket seat holders showed up.
Then it was of to guest services to find out where we were supposed to sit. At $100 per ticket, my dad was not stoked.
We were comp'd press box tickets and they told us we were going to get fully refunded for the inconvienance. Basically, FREE GAME! 
I thought it was a perfect view!
Went to get a beer and I also had a cup of red wine. It tasted alright.
My parents exchange student had the sickest fanny-pak.
The fans were hyped. Don't even see Charger games this packed, except when the Patriots are in town...
My dad works too much.
Goofing around with Michael's glasses.
Michael's face is priceless.
My brother was there and he bought us pizza.
Thanks, Ben.
He was loving it.
It was a good game.
Gotta finish that pie.
Not sure if he gets much pizza in China.
Then it was a long trek home.
People are mighty generous when their team wins. 
Traffic sucks.
Found spots. Don't know were.
Looks fun though.
Then it was on to a long walk up Texas street into North Park.

Fun little edit of the whole experience!

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