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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- EATFIEND @ Lions, Tigers and Bears (video)

My big 33 was a great one! 
Here is to at least another 33 years of stoke.

Hesh park. This place is so fun.
A great place for learning.
Shockus will always be forever a presence at Hesh park.
Stopped by WSVT to show the kids how the other side skates. 
Unfortunately it was closed.
Polaroid I shot of my parents  kitty Oscar.
Might I mention that it was my birthday week and I was psyched!
Zensei sushi with the wife. We always start with edemame and gyoza.
Angus teriyaki steak. My favorite dish at this spot.
Don't remember what this was called.
Monday was great!
Tuesday was a blast also.
Did some more shirts with SqueeGee Prints. 
Pretty hyped on those dudes.
Super psyched! 
The whole design was started around this guy.
I named him Hank the Hangry Heaving Hotdog. 
Hangry because he is always angry because he is hungry.
The only things I didn't draw were the mountains, fire pit, sleeping bag and the little bushes.
It was pieced together by the bub ItWasTheLight.
PQ park action. It sure was hot this day.
Morning birthday hype.
Thursday was my birthday. Couldn't be more happy than to get to shred with the kids at a buttery skatepark.
This is Mario. Mario has been doing camps with me for the last three years. 
He's getting a lot better!
Birthday lunch! I had to fight the urge to buy the 4X4, but I went with a double double instead.
Animal style fries for life!
Messing around with Nans. It's quite possibly one of my favorite things to do.
After In-N-Out we went back to Poods park for some more action. At the end of the day, kids were having so much fun I practically had to pry them away from the place.
Solid crew right here!
Came home to this guy.
Thr roomate got me some fine whisky and the wife bought me some GnR tickets! 
Best gifts ever!
After work, I went out for some birthday slappy grinds.
Red Fox room for a nice pink filet mignon. 
Solid crew. Crappy photo.
Love this place.Nice and dark and divey. Reminds me of the Little Club.
Birthday Long Island ice tea. The next morning I realized why I don't drink Long Island iced tea anymore.
My favorite part about this spot.
I'll be back in a couple of months.
The next morning the wife had me up and outta the house by 9a.m.
Where were we going?
Didn't even know this place existed! So excited!
Our tour guide was named Christine. She was very informative and didn't have a single question she didn't have the answer to. That's not a cattle prod she's holding, it's a long fork for feeding!
Brown bear enclosure. The electric fences were no joke.
This is Albert, a silver tipped Alaskan grizzly. He had a slight limp that was purely neurological. His favorite food are carrots! This day particularly, he was being fed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
This is Maverick. He is very handsome.

Bob cats.
This one was really aggressive with the raw chicken.
There were three total.
It's awesome to see that they have some soft grass to lay on. Not just some concrete slab.
This little guy was a little stand off-ish.
But the chicken was too good to pass up.
Nom nom nom....
Apparently this little guy was struck by a car and saved by a trucker. Once the trucker nursed him back to health, he realized he had a big ass bob-cat on his hands.
Lion time!
He was vocal and friendly.
Nom nom nom....
This guy was a bit skiddish.
Apparently he had a male trainer that wore sunglasses all the time.
Due to trauma, the tiger had trust issues. Kept taking its chicken and walking off and eating it in a private space, then coming back for more.
Mountain lion. He was new and still getting aclamated to his surroundings. So spectators were not allowed too close.
Then Maverick. The big furry show off!
He was strutting around so happy to be in his enclosure with the large pool. All the cats get rotated to play in the big pen area.
As you can see, he is a happy kitty.
Cat walk.
This beautiful leopard.
He was hungry too.
An excellent climber. I'll never understand why anyone would want to kill such beautiful creatures.
Maybe next time.
Then we spent some time watching Maverick play in the pool.
He was being camera shy at this moment. No biggie.
Said my good byes.
Slightly bigger than my Biscuit.
Then on the way home we stopped at Alpine brewery.
I went with the red ale.
Cheers babe! Thank you for the awesome time!
Hoppy birthday to me!
Brady is a lady.
Only to get another bottle!
I have amazing people in my life.

Video recap.


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