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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mandatory Bloggery: Larbing it up in Greece Part 1

A married man I am.
Witness, love and aspire to live the Larbery of my honeymoon.
Life is good.
LordBlah and CommandNBeef outside of Bar Pink. Pre wedding madness.
WormTits and YodaRomano with girl in tow. Look at that shitty Dolphins jersey.
The morning of the wedding. Dudes getting dressed in the hotel room.
Capt.Sahi deep in thought. This man did a great job marrying the two of us. 
Thanks again bub.
Limo bus that picked us up and brought us to the community center.
That's it. This is the last pic from my wedding. We hired a wedding photographer to handle that business.
Cucumbers in ice water. I still don't get the reference. 
The morning after the wedding. The brunch party hosted by my parents.
Mr.Roy and Stinky brought the leftover keg of Laguanitas from the rehearsal party and of course Stinky has got plenty of booze in hand.
Smokers section in front of the house.
Mamosa station.
Capt.Sahi was having a blast. He left too early if you ask me.
Notice Butterface doing what he does best, takin' it easy. 
So after the old folks left the brunch the scumbags trickled on in. Haven't sat in front of my parents house and stunk it up since I moved out. Good times.
Comm.NBeef handling the Fireball duties. He claims it tastes like death, but it ain't no Jager.
Later at my pad, this guy...
So later that night we went to the Depeche Mode show down in Chula Vista. 
It was alot of fun!
Sick ass ride.
This is what I planned to do on the plane ride from LAX to Istanbul, Turkey. Book, beef jerky and a skate mag. It didn't last long. I ended up watching a shit load of movies such as both new Star Trek's, The Hobbit, Oblivion and a few others.
Douche bag on a segway. Yep, they got those in Turkey also.
So we arrived in Athens, Greece and there were dogs everywhere. Just chilling wherever the hell they wanted. 
This old Greek architecture was right across the street from our hotel. It is called "The Temple of Zeus". For 2 euro you can walk around it and take pictures. No climbing of touching though.
 The sun was intense and a bit humid too. No big deal, it's a friggin' vacation!
Took a walk in the park and checked out the old pillars. 
I think they were made of limestone?.... or marble? I can't remember.
Hyped on this picture.
Thats our hotel there. The pillars were built one piece at a time. In the middle a iron rod would go straight inside like a straw into a cup. This allowed the pillars to shake and sway from earthquakes, but never fall. Weebl and they wobble but the don't fall down. 
Took a few pics of my Toy Machine socks while I was out there, as seen on my Instagram.
LadyLarb took a buttload of pics. Other than time, I think man, war and weather has been the major reasons for these pillars to dilapidate.
Loyal pawns around the world rejoice.
Picture of people taking pictures of people taking pictures.
Found me a cute little kitty. You know I was into it!
Greek Garfield.
Dog tired.

We saw a turtle out here too. (not pictured) 
I was psyched!
Lots of anarchist tagging/activity out there. I think currently unemployment if around %25. 
Holy crap!
Parliament, justa few hundred yards from our hotel.
Gypsy working a music box. The wife and I wandered around the flea market area. I sipped cool Mythos beer and stayed in the shade.
Food in windows. Did a lot of window shopping.
Fresh baked goods.
Voluptuous female sculptures.
Fire damage.
Mythos: The beer of the gods!
Trusty Typical Culture coozie came with me all the way to Greece.
Dude chowing down on a gyro in the shade.
2 euro gyro's.
Fruit stand.
They had rad shirts everywhere, except the heat transfer's were all fucky and cheap. Thus preventing me from buying a single shirt.
The next day we witnessed a protest out front of Parliament that eventually ended up a full scale riot.
It was pretty intense. Cops standing around with riot gear and shield, waiting for something to happen.
Kabob stand. This was awesome.
Greek meat pizza. There "large" pizza's out there are basically mediums. At least I had plenty of beer to go with it.
More beer on top of the hotel restaurant/bar.
We went out late at night, suffering from jet lag and found a cafe that was open late. I took a look at the menu and found this intriguing.
Big mugs of beer.
This is the view from our roof-top restaurant/bar. Every morning we ate a continental breakfast and looked at Acropolis. So amazing. The history of Acropolis of Athens is long....
Other side of the hotel restaurant balcony, where "The Temple of Zeus" once stood.
Taken down by time and man.
Bacon and eggs! Yes please! Every meal you get in Greece comes with cucumbers and tomatoes.
That's a good looking kitty right fuckin' there!
Dog tired.
We took a walking tour of Acropolis of Athens. We were the only people that signed up that day so it was basically a private tour. I asked a lot of question on that tour.
Slowly they are restoring it.
So our tour guide told us that if the stone was bright it was recently replaced/filled in. If it looked "old" then it's original. Created by Pericles in the 5th century BC. I was awestruck that the architecture was that good that long ago. Makes ya realize ones time on spaceship earth is short. Live it! Dig it!
Our tour guide had a specific kitty she gave water to each time she did a tour.
I didn't know it back then but when we went to England and toured the British Natural History Museum a lot of the remnants from Acropolis were in that museum. I guess Greece at one point in time wasn't stable enough to preserve it's own history. Harsh.
I love my Toy socks. Thanks for the gift Capt.Sahi!
So Acropolis is on top of this huge hill because that's what "Acropolis" means, top of the hill. It overlooks the Temple of Zeus... and our hotel.

It was real fun dorking it up and shooting a million pictures. A real good history lesson too!
Anarchist activity was high in the city. Saw this stenciled everywhere. K. Sakkas "the hunger striker" was apparently some dude that got locked up without due process or a fair trial. So apparently he went on a hunger strike and somehow got out of prison. The end.
I guess protesters/anarchists alike use him as a source of inspiration for their own cause. 
What the hell do I know? I'm just proud to be an American.
Old dude jammin' away.
Where there is horse shit, there must be horses.
Then we ended up taking a tour of The Acropolis Museum. Practically new, only 4 years old.
Photography opportunities were restricted in this place.
Cool remade sculptures of stuff that used to be inside.
I really dig Greek mythology. Cool stuff.
Two euro gyro station. We ate here. So darn good.
This and a couple of Coke's and we were good!
Bird lady.
LadyLarb getting some Greek yogurt.
Had to get a pic of it.
Wine courtesy of our hotel in Athens.
After three days, we were off to Santorini. Just an hour plane ride. We had a good talk with our cab driver too.
Super sweet kinker of a hubba! That's the airport in Santorini!

Needed a cold one after that flight.
And another on on our way to the OIA. The town in Santorini we were staying in.
It was hot as balls but the hotel guy insisted on carrying our bags. Go for it bro, there are stairs everywhere and we're on vacation!
I love Octopus'. I think this guy is missing a few tentacles though.
When we checked in we were greeted with cold champagne at the front desk!
Cheers babe!
So basically once we arrived to our hotel in Santorini, we were greeted by our personal concierge who was named "Panos" and looked like Chad Muska's long lost brother. Panos informed us that he had good news for us and that since our "Premium" suite was not yet ready, we were upgraded to the "Superior" suite!
Here is a video tour of the place. I was so psyched!

We then celebrated the second leg of our honeymoon with some white wine and Panos knocked at the door and surprised us with some authentic Greek yogurt. We were in heaven.

Continued in part 2...



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