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Monday, October 14, 2013

Shred Shots: August/September 2013 (Butterface, Larue, Brockman, DHodge and Dowdy)

Welcome back to the newest edition of Shred Shots.
I'm very lucky to be around so many rippers.
Butterface at Coronado Skatepark crooked grinding the hubba. No helmet required.
Locals only. He's probably done that trick over a 100 times on that thing.
 Paradise Hills skatepark. James Brockman frontside blunt.
 Cold War Is Coming. His video part is gonna be fucking gnarly!
 On to the nosegrind department.
 Yep, he's got it like that.
 Larue showcasing his skills as well. He certainly can skate with the best of them.
 DHodge with a front smith grind in the back bowl of Coronado park.
 He was so hyped to get these!
 Maybe I'll take the time to learn them too. Getting jealous just looking at these pics.
 Same bowl, different day, different shredder. We got some Sunday afternoon action with Dowdy popping lien airs while his old man looks on.
 So hyped when the bubs come by for a session.
 Then he started grinding up the coping to back disaster. A never been done as far as I'm concerned.
 This was the make. High to low lien air to back D. I'm still working on my camera action.
Only a few options with this cell phone camera, but its still better than my old ass flip phone!
As seen on Instagram, Buterface loves to fly!

Eat and shred hard.


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