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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mandatory Bloggery: Running, jumping, sleeping, shitting, eating, skating, drinking, roaming, stumbling, sweating, bleeding....

Backed up with a whole 'lotta content. Not really sure why I feel compelled to show the "fat-ass" aspect of my life but fuck it.
So all this is crap post bachelor party... Basically from August 21st to mid September.
 Biscuit's getting bigger.
 Fantasy rag I purchased this year. At this point I'm 2-3 in the league standings.... The rag hasn't really helped. Here's to a bounce back!
 Old Kadans (I refuse to name this shithole). Fucking shitty steam punk bar.
 In case you didn't know, Will Farrell started his own sunscreen company.
 Get buck! Gnarly 16 rail lots of people have gotten a piece of. 
 DHodge666 trying to take on the tail drop that took me out. 
The slam is in the intro to "Meet The Lurkers" Lurkville's most recent video.
"Nah, Nah" 
 Too gnarly for Hodge.
 Chicken Parmesan with rigatoni my old lady made.

 Great episode of Futurama.
 Fuckin' kittys!
 Hot dog party.
 Stinky loves hot dogs...
 ... and beer...
...and he loves a shit load of mustard as well.
 DonaldGately, not having it.
 Sequence time! 
Stinky just landed a banger.
 "Fuck you"
Then he got floored by gravity.
 Met up with Beagle at Toronado. Drank alot of Sculpin IPA by Ballast Point.
Man that shit fucks you up.
 We (especially me) went full retard this night.
 Jimmy Carlin showed up to the skatepark to hang out the other day.
 Funny ass bub.
 Costco pizza does a hangover good!
 More fucking cat pics.
 Been going here lately. Still the toughest terrain I've ever ridden, but by golly it sure is fun as heck!
WSVT. Stay ready.
 Dinner time for Algernon.
 Gravy with sliced peppers and onions.
 Had no bread, so I just layed out some hot dog buns in a bowl.
Gotta have bread when you eat chicken and gravy.
 Mandatory PBR meeting with dinner.
 Bet WormTits made with Stinky. Fantasy bet.
 Deli in Little Italy. "Mona Lisa Italian Foods"
Not only a restaurant, but also a sandwich shop.

 So greedy. Thanks to Butteface, I'll be frequenting this place a bit more often.
 Passed out roommates.
 Bbqin' some hot wings for the Fantasy football draft party.
 First ya grill them.
 Then you black out and don't eat none! Whoops. Made a great breakfast the next day.
 Finally saw Black Sabbath up in Los Angeles. Such a rad show.

 Weird white out drawing at a skatepark. Somebody likes little girls a bit much....



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