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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mandatory Bloggery: Larbing It Up In Chicago part 3

Welcome back fellow EatFiends. I bring you the 3rd and final installment of our Larbery in Chicago...
 Can't get used to signs like these.
 Once again I fell in love withe the shapes and sizes of the buildings. Reminds me of Legos.

 We cam to this place twice. Once for craft beers and the other time for food. Burger pic is further in this post.
 Which side of the tracks?...
 Hanksy. So rad. Buncha Banksy puns.
 So hyped on this painting.
 One of the requests I made on our trip to Chicago was to have a few drinks in the pub they filmed a scene in legendary John Hughes film "Uncle Buck". One of my John Candy favorites. R.I.P.
 Had a bit of fun in this revolving door.
 Same booth the filmed the scene in.

 Drinking and stinking.

 On to the pub right next door.
 Yup this is a smokers bar. Somehow it was legal to smoke cigs in this joint. Everything was old and Italian inspired. From the framed pics on the walls to the Sinatra blasting on the jukebox, it was the real McCoy.
 CommanderNBeef telling the old bar keeper what he wanted.
 2 dollar IceHouse's, YES!!!
 Smoke up, yer a man now!
 When we asked for an ashtray they handed us a styrofoam cup filled with water. Classic.

 Great old fashioned tunes. When a hit was a hit.
 Richard's was the most Italian joint I've ever been to. Even though none of our lungs could handle the smokey bar for more than an hour we all loved.
 Gyro station. Lurking outside the window drooling like a beast.
So after a day of getting hammered we went back to the hostel for some rest and then some pre-partying before heading out to dinner. Everybody pounded a flask of Fireball and it was on!
Another gyro station pic.
WormTits getting some dough.
LordBlah Thru the Looking Glass.
So some people wore suits and others wore just regular street clothes. It was time to head out for some fancy dining!

Wound up at Gibson's famous bar and steakhouse. Apparently this is where the Rat Pack used to dine back in the good 'ol days.

So everyone was wasted sitting around waiting for our table. Once we sat down and took a look at the menu we realized that it was $100 dollar entree's. So I pulled the Groom card and told everybody that we didn't need this shit. "Lets get the fuck outta here!" Went into the steakhouse right next door, sat down, took one look at the menu, got up and left. Shit was just too expensive. That money was better spent on booze!

LordBlah, pissing in different alleys in different states.
Half the crew decided to split to a fancy schmancey restaurant while DonaldGately, WormTits and I decided to hit the town in search of the next dive bar and more liquor. After all, it was what was fueling us at this point.
Union Station in the wee hours of the night.
Dead bird sighting while wandering the streets. I witnessed WormTits and DonaldGately vomit in the gutters of Chi-city, true Larbery.
Afterwards around 2:30 a.m. we decided to hit up the 24 hour Greek shop across the street from our hostel. I bought dinner for the 3 of us for $24. While we were eating, we got a call from our CommNBeef informing us that dinner with Stinky and LordBlah ran around $240.
Im just glad that kind of dough wasn't spent on me. I was too wasted to enjoy a "nice" meal.
We had all the goods! Gyro's, pizza pockets and lots of fries.
Good name for a ketchup.
"Ooooh Oooooooh Oooh Oooh! Ooooh Oooooooh Oooh Oooh!
Ooooh Oooooooh Oooh Oooh!

The next morning, LordBlah busted out the bag of wine where the ceremonial slapping of the bag was performed and the song of space wine was recited by all of us.
Working stiffs.
Spent a couple of mornings in this pub down the street from our hostel. Nice dark environment, good for sipping Guinness in the morning.
Old school hockey game.
Cool bar tap.

So this marks the day where we headed to Wrigley stadium to watch the Cubs/Cardinals rivalry.
LordBlah had to leave earlier this day, so we were 1 man down.
There she is. Legendary stadium.
Hot as fucking balls. The sun was not forgiving at all.
First priority was to get some beers and dogs. Check!

We purchased walking tickets at $30 a pop. No seat, but you can wander around the stadium and people watch.
Old rusty exposed beams.
Standing area. The green line on the ground represents where you can stink it up.
Stinky can't handle the beer all day long. He started falling asleep.
CommandNBeef loves dogs.
After the game we retreated to a divey bar to hide from the sun. It really reminded me of the Little Club.
"Limp In Leap Out"
Turns out we wandered into the gay section of town. Nos bigs deals.
As seen on my Instagram.
Bacon burger at the Haymarket. I was drunk and kept calling it the "HayMaker" which we all agreed was a cooler name for the spot.
Managed to get a pic of the sign of the 24 hour Gyro spot we've been frequenting by the hostel.
More space bagging rituals. Friends help friends spacebag.
Late late late in the night, found a pool hall and drank Jameson. Happy panda's.
Drunken eating. Bbq steak sandwich.

Skate spot across the street from our hostel.
Miss you already Chicago. I'll definitely be back...

Have you met the Sandman?
Greasy pizza for a hangover dinner.

Lotta history in the city with deep American roots.
Working man's town
Tracks heading home.
Blues Brothers statues.
I'd like to think these statues summed up the trip.
Nobody got seriously hurt or arrested.
We just partied our asses off and danced drunkenly in the streets.
So much fun, even though I didn't see a single skateboarder.

Chicago montage vid coming soon.
Warning: Contains very little skateboarding.
Who cares....



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