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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- Blacking Out

We are back with a long overdue M.B.
Trying to find a happy medium as far as releasing blog content goes.
Gonna try to be a bit more even keeled as far as the video/blog ratio goes.

Anyway, I have been killing it on the grilling department. These pics were from a night that I got all Gayboyish and went full Retard.

As Robert Downey Jr. playing "Osiris Lazerus" says, "Never go full retard."

After watching this, I imagined Downey Jr. was Capt.Sahi and Stiller was myself getting a talkin' to.

Ain't nothing wrong with eating some humble pie from time to time...
 So it was supposed to be a great night! The homey Leo and his band Travesura were playing Beauty bar, Beagle was supposed to come over and we were gonna have a blast. 
Bbq was already smokin'.
 Some cinnamon death outta get this party started.
 Next thing ya know, WormTits shows up with a bag of wine. The spacebag ritual ensued from here.
 As is tradition... bbq or die.
 Had the tri-tip all marinated
 Cooking a piece of meat like this is like composing yer own symphony. Or as you readers out there can relate, it's like landing a trick first try. Every try.
 The meat was fucking amazing! Unfortunately this is where things get black out-ish.
After chugging several cans of beer, slamming Fireball shots and orbiting planet Earth in a Spacebag I blacked out at fucking 9p.m.
When I cam to, some dick punched a couple of holes in the walls. The wife said some fucking Gremlin showed up and tore the place up...
 ...broke a few kitchen windows and threw up all over the floor. Oh yea, he also pissed himself.
What else is new.
 Nothing like Wings N Things to cure that hangover. 
I think some country singer once said "There ain't no life like the dog house life!"




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