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Friday, February 7, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- Meatball Assault

Anothe edition of Mandatory Bloggery, as is tradition...
Anybody out there hungry? I am.
Biscuit the Patriots fan. He looks psyched...

Lurking at OB park with Arty and Shockus. Fat man session.
This isn't my favorite park, but I'm really trying to have a "skate everything" mentality.
These dudes know all the lines and are showing me the ropes.
To view Mr.Moonlight's DPC part click here. 
It rips.
Justin Roy, seriously one of the raddest dudes you'll ever meet.
Spoiler alert, my beloved Pats lost to the Broncos.
Football season is over.
Glad them Broncos and Manning took a whooping from the Seahawks.
Fucking around with potatoes at EatFiendHQ.
Had an idea to cook an egg inside a hollowed out potato.
Wasn't that fun...
The potato was so thick it took like an hour for the egg to cook.
It was alright. Poor mans breakfast right there.
Never fear! We made meatball subs with french fries anyway.
And the consumption of beer ensued.
Meatball subs are the best.
Even the next day at work when they are cold they are delicious.



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