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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Shred Shots: January 2014 Sgt.Baconator, JRoy and Shitler

This time around is a quick edition of shred shots.
Obviously much more skating goes down than this. But the 'ol cell phone camera is 
taking the backseat more often, in favor of the GoPro.
Anyway... here's what I've come up with.
 Yours truly in all my glory, As seen on Instagram.
Beer gut hanging out and definitely pushing that Creature board to the max.
 I was so hyped when this came out, Vol.4 put out a tour vid online and I poached this backsmith grind of JRoy. So sick. JRoy is my homeboy!
 Once again... as seen on Instagram.
Probably the millionth time I've 5-0'd down this thing.
I give to you Shitler himself, creator of The Larb! Lurking and scraping all coping or parking blocks in his path. Came to his natural habitat and found him shredding. No way I wasn't gonna poach a pic.



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