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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- NoHans Edition

Welcome back to another edition of Mandatory Bloggery.
Why? You may be asking yerselves. Basically it's because I take alot of pictures of random shit.
Ha Zaa!
BornRetards distant Jewish brother.
Morning hype.
Tricked ya! You can access the Video Days part on the special features.
All you have to do is select the board gallery, find and highlight the Rudy Johnson 40 ounce graphic (don't select it), hit left and the cursor should disappear. Then hit select/enter and you'll hear a gong noise. Then head over to the main menu and hit play video. 
I present to you Video Days.
Buy me a beer if you end up actually doing this.
Gonz skating by WormTits' car.
Killed it with ItWasTheLight on building the ramp. Hand drawn transitions. Stolen parking block curb.
And best of all....
...BornRetard ain't allowed to skate it!
One of the best videos ever.
Package I sent to Capt.Sahi.
Got creative with it at work.
You could say I had fun doing it.
Who doesn't love pizza?
I thought this was funny.
Biscuit loves climbing on my shoulders while I shit with the door open when I come home from work.
Nevermind the dong.
Gets white fur everywhere.
Board I mailed to Capt.Sahi. 
All packaged up and ready to go.
Been filming. Having fun with the bubs.
Morning hype. I blacked out at this premiere and never even saw the vid 'til it came out on dvd.
Good times!
Hyped on this thing.
ItWasTheLight and I shredding along the San Diego Bay.
Mug shot that was mailed to me by my old D.A.R.E. teacher.
I was 14 here and got in trouble for vandalism at the Coronado golf course.
I was psyched she mailed it to me. Nowadays I look like I ate that kid.
Speaking of food!
Fucking with the wok is always a good time.
A nice sugary teriyaki tasting dish of woky goodness!
Don't forget to heat up that leftover spaghetti! We keep our microwave in the garage.
So I dumped a bunch of uncooked rice into it and basically ruined dinner.
Fuck it. When yer drunk, you make the best of a shit show situation. Would you like honey on yer peanut butter bacon sandwich? Why, I thought you'd never ask!
How about Cheerios? Sure! Fuggit...
I'll tell ya.
It takes alotta' weed to get this done.
Smash that shit so it fits in yer suck hole.
Who Dat!
The usual business with DonaldGately and LordBlah.



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