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Monday, May 19, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery-Fish Tacos and Randumbness

Coming back at ya, slower than a turdles pace, gopher poking out of yer butthole... Mandatory Bloggery is back!
If yer sick of the Biscuit pics, then suck a bag of dicks. I know some of you voluntarily will! 
 Tight ass ride.
 Structures, architecture, blah blah blah.
All I see is a sweet bridge to get sauced under.
 Weekday shredding with Butterface.
 Just another shitty day.
 Curb heaven.
 Bum life.
 Beautiful black pussy!
Black is beautiful.

 I have yet to give anyone a true "tostada".
Incase yer wonder what the fuck a "tostada" is, it's when yer friend admits that he sharted himself to you and the you yell "TOSTADA!" and you slap their butt, mushing all the sticky poo inside their pants.
Yes I'm sick and evil.
 Chopper life.
 Biscuits love memo's are gonna be released.
"In Between The Sheets with Biscuit & Heman" 
 Kids are shredding at the park.
 The liver is getting shredded too.
 Capt.Larue is the best. On and off the board.
 Go watch it.
Fried up some fish, courtesy of Sea World. 
 Awwwwwwwww yea!
 Fish taco night was in full effect.

 Fuck Coors light. Fuck it, it was free.
 That's one big dump right there.
 Cats vs. dogs.
 Im selling illegal tacos if anyone wants some.

 This video is amazing. Especially watching it in a bowl at Nado park.
 Kids were killing it.
 Never short on motivation.
I feel
I've got to...
get away...



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