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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Meats Meat And A Mans Gotta Eat

Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat! Who doesn't like it?
Well, plenty of people don't dig on swine, birds or beef but this blog ain't for them.
I love animals! They taste good!
 That there is a 3 pound rib eye! Jealous much?
 Salt and pepper that bitch!
 Get dat oven hot!
 Mixer ready to go for some homemade irish soda bread.
 Gotta have 2 things when cooking. Beer..........and....
 A helping hand! Biscuit is a good overseer.
 Ding! Bread is done! This time around I indented the dough with my potato masher before I threw it in the oven. Thus, making it look cool and fancy.
 Slice dat shit.
 Cascading like the Cliffs of Mohr.
 The meat came out more delicious than I could expect. Big props to LordBlah for not only supplying the meat, but also the directions he gave me over the phone. What a good teacher.
 Nailed it!
 We keeps it classy over here at EatFiendHQ.
 The juices!
 Everybody is psyched.
 Oh yeaaaaaaaaa.
 A mug of gravaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
 Everybody got a healthy serving and there was even more leftover for seconds.
 A meal fit for a King!
Leftovers for work the next day. It straight up put me in a coma.



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