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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

EatFiend @ Tin Can/ Doods Foods

EatFiend comes back at you with another ground breaking investigative piece on where to stuff yer suck-hole.
Went out skating with Butterface and Larue and we found ourselves at the Tin Can Alehouse/Doods Foods located at 1863 5th Avenue San Diego, 92101. We went during lunch time and it was pretty empty. The last time i was here was back in 2009 for a Space Nature show. It was only beer/wine back then, but know they have a full bar!
Nice small personable stage. The Christmas lights created a nice ambiance. 
The place kinda reminded me of The Little Club.
Now onto the eating portion of things here. Fairly priced considering it's in yer mouth within 10 minutes.
Butterface was there, he's bro's with the Doods at Doods Foods.
That was good, 'cuz it made our burgers free.
Pretty sure I got the western bbq burger. With a side of fries of course.
I can't tell if the plate was really small or the burger was huge. Either way, it satisfied my man-sized appetite.
Thick and juicy!
Larue didn't get one. I didn't share.
Cool shirts too.
Pretty rad this octopus was raiding a pirate ship for all its grog.
The Great Cornholio has arrived!
Great times with good bubs.
Oh yea, the burger was fucking amazing. I'll definitely be going back again.
Next time I'll get shithoused, Trailer Park Boys style.



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