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Monday, June 22, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Filiberto's to Filiberto's

Sometimes you find yourself in a time loop. 
Everything is on repeat. You begin to fly in auto pilot mode. Tuned in. Dropping out.
3a.m. burrito run with WormTits. Lady-boys of the night were trolling University avenue since El Bar was closed.
Pretty sure this is why I keep breaking skateboards. 
After sleeping a few hours in a food coma I awoke and walked to this place. One of the few best dive bars left in North Park.
Guinness and DonalGately give me strength!
Nice and empty.
Louisiana street.
MamaCreen, deep discussions.
Old Mill Cafe! The bbq steak sandwich is pretty darn good!
Can't really see it, but Donald went with a salad. Meh.
We like our eatery's empty too.
Deja vu. Didn't I start here?



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