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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- National Burger Day 2015

Welcome back to another chapter of 50 shades of food.
 Jump Vid is out there on Vimeo. Also the Transworld site. The homie Nick killed it.
 Work lunch. Ham sandwich with snapea crisps!
 Left over tri-tip dinner.
 $1200 surfboard.
 Slappy session with the PD bubs.
 Made a new edit. Peep it here!
 Fillibertos on some drunken night.
 Oh yea, National Burger Day. Went to the best burger joint in San Diego, Crazee Burger!
 First things first.
 Double nacho burger with bacon and a fried egg on top!
 As you can see, WormTits is putting hot sauce on his. Because he went with the crab cakes.
 Nom nom nom nom...
 1/3 patties. The yolk from the egg got all over the french fries. Soak that shit up!
 I was thirsty.
 It didn't stand a chance.
 Happy National burger day everyone!
 Stinky had to stock up on Albertsons whisky. $12.99 a handle.
 Obligatory finger flicking photo. What are friends for, right?
 Later on, poker night at Craigs. WormTits enjoying some Steel Reserve and testing out some new shades.
 Texas fucking Hold 'Em!
 I was victorious!
Then we played some cash games. Good times with the bubs.
Go eat a burger.



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