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Friday, June 26, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Hype Train, DMV Hell and Pizza Tits

Spend alot of mornings just chilling in the back yard. Sometimes the house gets too damn hot.
T.C. hype.
Mr. FancyFurryAss.
Bacon before dishonor.
Breakfast sandwiches served on hamburger bun. Yes please.
The bub DHodge has good taste in t-shirts.
A new pizza joint called "NaPizza" just opened in Hillcrest.
Wow, the shit I find on the internet when I type in "pizza tits".
"Butt Face"
They had a wide variety of mouth watering slices. The restaurant was serving cafeteria style.
Order yer food at the beginning, then as you pay for you slices and beer, they hand it to you sizzling hot!
It was a "soft opening" so all the grub was free!
Place was a boomin'.
Mason jars filled with beer! I can dig it!
Top: mushroom truffle slice and bolognese slice.
Bottom; Italian sausage and pepperoni? Can't remember the last slice.
Tirmisu. Did I spell that right? Fuggit.
Tomato harvest from the garden.
Crammed it all into a spinach salad with some chicken breast and avocado.
East county spot scouting.
If this was in an XL I would have purchased it.
This one too.
Fuck it, I'm hungry. Aw yea, aw yea.
Deep fried chicken breast.
Kittys feasting.
Saying "fuck you" to my toaster oven 'cuz the damn door on it broke.
Even the Mona Lisa is falling apart.
Fuckin' veggies. Pretty sure I'm drunk as shit when I'm flipping off food.
Making a fucking mess.
Sick ass shirt.
Hell. I mean, the DMV.
Good thing I brought an issue of SI. Brady = GOAT!
The look on Richard Sherman's face is priceless. Tom Brady and the Pats won a fourth fucking super bowl. Still riding high from it.
This new dude on Lurkville fucking kills it.



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