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Friday, June 5, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Island Wedding Madness

I guess it's wedding season....
Time to brush up on them dancing skills. I got two left feet.
 Rehearsal. The calm before the storm.
 Photo of the wife and I at Sea World I saw at her parent's place.
 The big day. My sister in-law was getting married.
 Carved outta one whole piece of wood.
 Coi fish pond that I kept walking back to and having a little sippy-poo here and there.
 5 star wedding accomodations with some Popov vodka. Nice!
 My parents were there. They rule.
 Taco party.
 Cocktail party.
 The bride. Not really sure where the groom is.
 Jed fucking kills it at life. He and his wife rule so hard.
 This is Jed. Jed is like a bigger little brother to me.
 The wifey and I rule too!
Last photo of the evening. Drank a shit load of gin and jungle juice. Heard stories that I was dancing like crazy, bear hugging people and goose stepping around. 
Ahhhh, I guess wedding are a good time to show a little vulnerability to the ones you love and party your ass off with them.

Life is too short.



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