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Monday, June 8, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- BBQ Donuts and Bridge Drinking with Cos

Take a skate to the belly of the nearest bridge.
Seek salvation in the dirt.
Check out Larue's slappy nosegrind here!
Tiramisu. This stuff in unbelievable.
Speaking of Rod....
It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine...
Morning doodles. Can't wait to get out in the dessert with the bubs.
If you have one of these sitting on your oven, your a mutha' fuckin' G!
Some art I saw hanging on a wall.
Obligatory "tightening the hardware" photo of ItWasTheLight.
Concourse. Monday night.
We hit up a bunch of spots. A perfect San Diego Summer night.
Security everywhere though.
Post night session beers.
Then we met up with GayBoy! Not the GayBoy on the right. I'm talking about the GayBoy on the left! Cos!
GrandMaster Flash - The Message
This song is strictly dedicated to Cos for the lyrics "broken glass, everywhere!".
7Grand. Can't say I was impressed.
Then Jeff and I took Cos out for some bridge drinking and stinking!
Not sure whats going on here.
Urban trolls we are.
Enjoy these clips of Lloyd Bridges from the movie "Airplane".
Beer run! Hans filter!
Then we went back to an old ally drinking spot and talked of drunken stumbles past. Back when North Park wasn't so "safe" and "cool".
Miss the bub already. Maybe we'll make it out the Colorado someday.
Sweated it out the next morning. I was hurtin'.



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