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Monday, February 22, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery-Chris Larue's Birthday, Tr-tips and Shredding w/ ItWasTheLight

Guess who's birthday it was?!?!
That means I'm drinking some brews and baking a cake!
Chocolate fuckin' cake!
The bub loves The Simpsons so much, I'd went with a Bart theme.
Time consuming yet fun!
Couldn't find a solid yellow frosting, so I used lemon flavored. 
He was hyped!
Needless to say, everyone was hyped.
Eat my shorts, I mean, cake man!
His party was at The Livewire bar. I noticed some Union Leather Worls stickers behind the tap handles. Miss ya Jesse!
Slowly the cake was eaten as people got drunk.
Good times and beers were had by all!
Later man.
Guinness gives you strength!
Then it was back home for some beer bongs.
Hangover time well spent with Angry Ass Igby.
Foggy days on the bridge. I love fog.
Doesn't really taste much like bacon.
Hit up Chicano park for a session. This place is pretty fun. But also hard.
Shredding around filming myself. That quarter pipe in the back is so fun.
Leftover lasagna.
Working on some new drawings.
Beer time with Biscuit.
More is more.
Howard the Duck
That'll happen.
Pizza and burrito party. This was Jersey Mike's pizza on University boulevard. Good stuff.
Morning hype.
Another ripping session at Chicano park. This place is close to work and convenient to stop by.
This handsome guy...
Tri-tip time.
This bad boy was close to three pounds!
Shred sesh with ItWasTheLight at Rigobertos. No joke, this place makes the best breakfast burritos.
Plus they have a killer curb to shred!
Then it was down to Mission Valley to schralp this thing. Pretty dang fun.
Alley scoping some BedBugz spots.
Different angles I guess.
Rock 'n roll!
FAE session.
It was recently power washed and we had to grease it up.
More bloody tri-tip.
This stuff is starting to rule my life.
Best photo ever! Straight up fuckin' goals.
Breakfast of champions.


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