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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- O-Side parks, Bonking Skulls and Great Times!

Shred 'til yer dead.
Then eat a ham sandwich with a cold brew.

Keep lurking at this spot. Gonna have to shred it sooner or later.
Back truck skidder.
"Fuck you Hans!"
In all its glory.
Pizza anyone?
Then madness ensued. Don't really remember what happened....
Wish I had the angle the dude in the background was filming with.
Carl's Jr. 10p.m. Don't fuck with the dude with a can of 211 in his back pocket...
How may I help you?
Another screen shot. Exciting times!
This is how I smashed my head!
Morning hype!
Skate Camping at Prince park!
The bub Cody came and met up with us. So psyched!
Look at dat mug!
Shredding with the kids. Practicing wall rides.
GnarleeCharlie was on it!

Then it was time to shred some burritos!
Second best part of the day behind skateboarding!
We killed it!
Later day session at Bishop park.
Then we went to check this thing out.
After about an hour I split my hoof open.
Skateboarding is blood.
It was an awesome day.
Then on to poker night. Piech was in full effect.
Ono Grinds. I fucking deserved this. Meats meat and a man's gotta eat.


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