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Monday, February 8, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- Wood Pushing, Meat Offerings and Old Skate Relics

Coming in hot from the grill....
More pictures of bbq action and other skate related shit...
 This gem is at the San Diego Zoo. I really want to skate it.
Leftover pork from the slow cooker night. 
 Starry eyed Biscuit.
 7-Eleven hot dog.
 More red curb fever.
 To keep the session going.
 Rainy wet days at the skatepark.
 Furry blued eyed lil' fucky.
 Pigs in a blanket!
 Five pound tri-tip. It was on sale too!
 Skateboarding and meat.
 It was a full moon. Metal.
 Onto the grill she goes.
 Kept basting the bbq sauce n it.
 Kinda looks like a meteor.
 Meat porn.
 Crunchy bbq crust!
 Night of a million meats.
 Wormtits getting a taste.
 Look at the blood!

 ItWasTheLight with the stee!
 Breakfast time.
 H18 relics.
 20 years of Zero.
 More red curb action with the FilipinoKing and DHodge.
 Wax that shit up.
 The King is on top of his slappy game.
 Lasagna with Elvis.
 Pauly Shore with an appearance on Married With Children.
 I liked his shirt alot.
7-11 taquitos. These taste good but make my burps pretty stinky.


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