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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Video- EatFiends Shit Show part 26

Premiered this bad boy at the Typical Culture issue #9 zine release party at Culture Brewing Co. in Ocean Beach.
It was a rad time. Dropped the "UnCut" part of the Shit Show.
Enjoy installment #26!

Like a maggot sprouting wings, we here at EatFiend are in an ever changing state and are looking to land on some turds....

Featuring- ItWasTheLight, BornRetard, WormTits, QPerez, Arty, EdisonDave, Dolan Stearns, Dowdy, NastyNeil, CommNBeef, Connor Getzlaff, Brandon Perelson, Branden Keaveny, Otto, Butterface, Andy Mack, Cody Carlin, Tim Williams, Chris Larue and yer truly.


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