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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- Harsh Toke, Joy and Earthless

Was fortunate enough to get my eardrums melted by a trifecta of awesome rock and roll bands.

Killer flier. We went to night two.
Harsh Toke opened up the show with a fucking raging blast!
Can't remember the name of the guitarist on the far left, or who the drummer was. 
But the bassist on the center right and the guitarist on the far right are pro wood pushers Richie Belton and Justin Figueroa. Rippers.
Jammin' mahn.
Sold out.
Gotta be honest, the place got a bit more crowded once JOY took the stage.
Trippy visual effects on the walls.
Courtesy of this guy and his projector set up.
Beers were flowing.
Zack was fucking killing it!
I was a bit tipsy and couldn't get enough of their visual effects station.
And since I got drunk, this was the only picture I got of Earthless.
That's the way she fucking goes.
Awesome night.


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