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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Wedding Shennanigans and Shredding DTSD

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Todays tunes.
He finds the most inconvenient places to lurk.
Fun juice.
Quick snack before we roll out!
Ready for a wedding!
Zeke used to work with me at the Skatepark for a few years. He also worked part time at a bar and booked shows and played in multiple bans. He's an all around ruler and a really nice guy. Love you Zeke!
Cheers to my babe.
Feeding time.
Lots of options. Can't go wrong with some tacos!
Hydration is key!
Love me a few cold ones on a day off and some tacos! 

So happy for the bub!
Nerds. Lucky to be with this babe!
Beware the rat-tail.
Lunch the next day ruled.
Went down to the Concourse to skate the benches and buttery ground and guess what? The Sk8Mafia squad was there! Showed up just in time to see SD Wayne land a killer line!
These kids were killing it. Little skate crew filming eachother. Motivating eachother. Building friendships. Going through hardships. It's a great time in skateboarding.
Jamie Palmore and Branden Lefever. These dudes are really nice and a deep bag of tricks. The streets of SD are alive and well!
This security guard seemed cool, but I'm pretty sure he tipped the cops off to us.
That casual Kalis ride away steez. One of the best street skaters of all time.
Kellen James the killer. The bubs warm up tricks are my dream bangers. Mucho respecto.
Then the cops were coming. Time to dip!
Run, skate, chill... run, skate, chill.
Time to figure a new spot.
Dwayne the legend. Pure soul skater right there.
Artsy fartsy.
After I left I heard some of the bubs got tickets. Lame. You'd think with the growing homeless/vagrant issue in DTSD they would be more occupied with that, but no, they'd rather harass a skate trying to enjoy his weekend the best way he knows how to.
Gotta love it.
Went across the street for a beer while I waited for my pizza pie to bake.
Love me a Budweiser in the bottle.
Buckle up!
All curled up.
So much sugar. It was a fun and tasty experiment.


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