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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Stinky Ass Hans Magic Show

Sometimes you need a good dose of insanity....
Not the type you see on the news, just the good old fashioned shenanigans type.
Or someone you know...
Sak-taps and brews.
Wound up at Camp Nasty on a random night.
Nothing like hanging with the bubs sipping brews and bullshitting in a garage.
Hans had a trick to show us.
"Look Ma', NO HANDS!"
Neil was not feeling it.
Yep, this is what the ladies see when he goes down on them.
Smoke ring looked kinda cool on this one.
Shine on you crazy vape filled diamond.
Absolutely grotesque.
Then it was time for the "Fuck You, I'm Head Bangin'" show.
Running a million miles an hour.
Tilt one back for the boys.
Fuck the boys.
Neil was over it.
And Hans kept on drinkin'.
Neils sign he was working on for the Teros Gallery on Swift avenue.
Then Hans lost his tooth!
Lucky it didn't slip through the floor boards.
Night night bub.
Neil came by the Skatepark to sweat out his hangover. Good times!
Bad Boy Club for life.
Dinner by the wife.
Petco Park, always a good time!
This was lame.
Which made us end up at the Chee-Chee.
Do it yourself.

Creature "FSU" premiere pics coming next blog!


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