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Friday, June 30, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Recycled Skateboard Cutting Board and Good Times at Nado Park

Lots more content on its way! Stay tuned!
 Memo session! Love this place.
Dats a spicy meatball!
   Lunch on a budget. Just throw everything you can find in the freezer into a pot.
He loves the smell of my back-pak.
 Bowling b.l.t. is mandatory.
 Love this album.
 Fell on my left knee while bowling. Ain't no thang.
 Made a cuttinh board/ chopping block outta used skateboards!
 I was hyped. About 8 inches wide.
 I gave it to my Mom for mothers day. Love you Mom!
 The old pepperoni and feta.
 Dave Hamm! Super nice guy.
 Making friends in low places.
 Monty Nolder, inventor of the smith grind.
 Gumby, Skatepark legend.

 Busting out moves.
 ....we love it.
Picture me rolling!


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