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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Monkeying Around SD w/ Jeff

"Do what you love and let it kill you." -Charles Bukowski
I'm gonna do what I love, but I'm gonna fight the good fight and try to remain here on spaceship Earth for as long as I can. After all, there is lots of spots left to be skated and plenty of food to chow down on!
Leftovers from the stuffed pork tender loin madness.
More leftovers! Lunch at work has been amazing!
Post work snack.
Love me a good swiss cheese b.l.t. minus the lettuce and tomato.
Man flying a kite. I like how it's spiraling.
SD sunsets have been pretty amazing lately.
Pasta night is always a good time in the kitchen and it's super cheap!
I spy with my little eye a furry little monster man.
Hit up Richmond street with Jeff. The place is better as it is. I'm all for creativity and building diy spots to improve the spot, but these curbs just can't be beat!
I assume this bridge was constructed in 1946.
Then we hit up another catwalk bridge that goes over the 5 freeway. This place is so fun!
There's aways interesting tags to read.
But bombing it to the bottom is the best. Nothing better than going really fast on yer shred sled!
Poser of the month. Haters will say it's fake.
Backside feeble? Or frontside smith grind? 
You decide.
Bringing the heat. All 230 pound of me.
If you haven't figured out that I'm holding the railing above, yer blowing it.
Frontside smith grind seatbelt grab? My love-handles were making it hard to grab the tail.
Monkeying around. Life is good!
Spot check! Never seen this thing before, but it was fun!
I back it.
So pretty!
After a good day of shredding with this bub it was time to wet our whistles and grub down some slices.
All hail a pizza party.
Cheers to more beers!


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