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Friday, December 2, 2011

Larbsgiving Week with the Garbage Life Part 1

Quite the week we had here over at EatFiend H.Q. Prepare for the madness......
Where to start when you can hardly remember the order of events based purely on the pictures on my cell phone. Drink was drank and food was consumed. Gotta head to the recycling center before the partying begins. After all, the Larb needs his cheese... thats $69 worth!
Afterwards decided to start the day off right with some Senor Mangos! Anyone thats never been needs to get there soon. I had the "Early Glory" which consists of just bananas, strawberrys, milk, ice and a scoop of sugar. Also got the roast beef torta. Super good food. Great way to start the day. That lettuce on the torta is probably gonna be the only veggies you see on todays blog....
Looks good huh? Yes it does. 

Headed out to go skating with the homies. Hit up an old elementary school I hadn't skated in years and watch the fellas rip it up. You can bet my ass didn't fit between those fences. Took these pics with my 1.8 mega-pixel cell phone camera. Just goes to show you can still capture the great moments with the simpler things in life.
Battles were won: Andrew with a long ass crooked grind. He boardslid it to fakie too! I swear he was born on a fucking flatbar.
Battles were lost: Christian with a frontboard. Basically landed it to bodyslam he got wheel bite so hard. Lets go back and get it Bub!

The fellas had never had this tasty concoction called a Beergarita (not pictured), so I took them to my old stomping grounds in Old Town to Barra Barra! Get a house margarita and dump a Coronita upside down into it! Makes for a sweet/salty tequila goodness! Had me saying "Ay Yai Yai Yaiiiiii!!!!" before I knew it. 
3 beergaritas later I went home and had dinner at El Zarape (Zah-Rapes) with my girl and Garbage Life and a few others I can't really recall. The food wasn't as much of a focus as there tasty margaritas were. 3 more down the hatch!
Wormtits enjoyed every drop of his food. Fat fuck. Incase anybody was wondering the "Yerp!" works. Snoop was the shit. Afterwards headed back to h.q. and began to consume as the Larb does.
No matter what we eat for dinner, if we are drinking brews you can bet yer ass a pound of bacon is getting cooked. No sense in going to bed on an empty stomach.
"Fuck it, lets just cook a dozen eggs."
No lie when we say we love us some eggs.
I may quote the great Beavis: Firrrreeeeeee!!!!
The Wormtits abides.
I then began to float into food land.

The reason other than Thanksgiving for Garbage Life being in town was to settle up on a fantasy football bet. Loser had to come into town and cook the winner a chicken. Guess who the winner was? Bet yer ass it was me. Anyway the next morning in my hungover state I woke up to this...
As Dr. Zoidberg says: KRAAAAAAAWWWWW!!!!!!
Walked into the kitchen to find shrimp marinating Nice!!! Look pretty damn and juicy too!
Started off the morning with some pork and carne. Thats the way a man should eat! colon cancer and heart disease be dammed!
Meanwhile out back LordBlah and GarbageLife hate on Tim Teblow over a lil' puff puff pass.
Ever seen 2 leperchauns before? Pretty rare. Don't bother chasing them. They have no riches in gold. Only bellys filled with food and asses filled with jager farts. Note: LordBlah was on vacation, hence the classy man slippers.
Now we're cookin"!
I challenge thee to a duel! Double beer bong style!
Robb.I.Am. was the first to step up. Pathetic. Stinky is pondering the upcoming presidential race...
Do it again!
Garbage Life wins. BURP!!!
Meanwhile inside, HankTolbert had lots of love to give. 
We decided to change pace from turtle-speed to rabbit-speed. Its easy to get things going when you have a buncha mopey Charger fans in yer house. Lots of motivated drinkers and stinkers screaming for Teblows blood.
Imagine in a drunken slurr: "A bit of bacon oughta to raise spirits!"
Cheers buddy! A rare photo of course.
Another round! Wouldn't you agree that things are getting hazy in the least bit?
Oh yea,  back to the chicken. GarbageLife stuffed it with butter, garlic chives and of course bacon.
Make sure to baste that bird ya heard? YERP!
Meanwhile GarbageLife and my chikadee talk of the good ol' days of wine binging and episodes of Anthony Bourdain. I'd like to state that this blurry photo is accurate with the current vision I had.
Cooked to golden perfection! Jealous much?
Didn't last long. Nothing ever does, thats why you gotta enjoy the good times with the ones you love.
Hope you enjoyed part 1. Stay tuned for Part 2.

-Sgt. Baconator

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