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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- Skating and Food

Back again with another M.B. this time around to create awareness of all the awesome stuff I have put up on the blog!
Mandatory Biscuit pic. Plenty more of these.
Old CrabJew as seen in the "BornRetard Karaoke Special".
So amazing, if you wanna waste 12 minutes of yer life.
New shirt I'm super hyped on.
Typical Culture is the shit!
Machaca burrito has been my jam lately.
$50 do it yourself repair kit 'cuz I'm an asshole.
Hung some pictures and boards in the house.
Had lots to choose from. Not all made it up inside the house. Others went into the Man cave.
Popular hash tags for the videos I've been putting out lately.
Morning hype. This whole video is fucking bonkers.
Biscuit eating a trail of treats. 
Haven't been yet, but I'm sure Butterface is down.
Sick photo I saw in Thrasher. Everything about it is worthy of being a page and a half spread.
The spot looks fun too.
Mini pies at Fresh and Easy. These little suckers only cost $2. 
The hallway inside of American Comedy Club. 
Here's a photo of Doug Stanhope. The dude was hilarious except when you have two shitbirds bitching over who buys the next beer sitting next to ya, it's kinda hard to be psyched.
Morning hype.
Beautiful omelette the wife made me.
My little cross eyed fucker.
South Park still and always will rule.
Yogurt with a plastic knife. Beggars can't be choosers.
Great to see a clip of the homeboy, JRoy!
The homeys Tyrone, BeerBonginBrockman and CaptLarue.
Biscuit modeling for StarKist tuna. Meeee-Ow!
He's my happy little fucker.
Geoff Rowley worships the dark One.
Pee Wee's Big Adventure kills it.
A small gem I found on Billy Madison.
Click here to view the 3rd installment to the Shit Show part 3.
More blogs coming soon.



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