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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- Romper Stomping

Back again for another very Mandatory Bloggery...
 Bike in the works.
 Leftovers for work. Biscuit approves.
 El Bar. total shit hole.
 Danny Devito is the shit!
 Cheers to you, bbq!
 Ingredients for a good evening!
 Clouds, American flag, 'nuff said.
 Home Depot.
 Kitty cat that lurks at the Home Depot garden.
 In the dark, listening to heavy fuckin' metal!
 Grolsch, carne-asada and pollo asada. Boo yaaaaaaaah!
 Mexican feast.
 Taco party.
 This song rocked my socks off!
 Left over carne asada and eggs for breakfast.
 Tap dat ass with some Tapatio!
 Shit's on sale, yo!
 Wii jammin'!
 Bicuit loves Cheerios.
 Cute little bugger.
 Slappy crooks.
 I need a drink.
 Drunken Wii bowling in the late hours of the night.
 Morning hype.
 Gold, bitches!
Went here recently. Always a fun time.



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